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Here we go then:

My predictions and the outcomes )

So um, I make that a very generous 3/12. Not to mention the bet I lost with [ profile] rhetoretician. And no Weasley Quidditch match. I am officially the world's worst Divination student.
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Never one to refuse a challenge, I've taken [personal profile] stmargarets  outline of the Hero's Journey and tried to fill it in.  Please be nice with the grading - I only read the book yesterday!  Actually, I'd be interested to see if this is how you imagined it breaking down, and which bits I've overlooked.

And, because I'm a nerd in work-avoidance mode, here's an actual worksheet.
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*waves at everyone*

I'm really not a proper HP fan.  I like the books and I'm looking forward to my copy arriving from England later this week.  But you know, I was always really just here for the writing and the giggles.  

So this is to say that I know I've been quiet round people's LJ's lately and I probably will be until all the general squeeing and debating and dissecting dies down (good alliteration skills there).  I've been reading a bit and commenting very occasionally, but I really don't feel like I'm part of the 'fandom' (and I'm not sure I want to be).  

I have been, by choice, completely and utterly 'spoiled' - I even read some of the infamous carpet book a week ago until I decided it was way too much like hard work! - so no need to worry on that front.

Oh, and just to say thanks to TDU for the important info on Charlie's arms.  She also observed that the only other arms that have significance in the books are those marked with the Dark Mark.  I think we can all see how the muscular arms of the best-looking Weasley are an important literary counterpoint and that it was necessary for them to appear again in DH.  *nods in satisfaction*


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