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...but given that we're apparently getting one, I'm quite excited that Romola Garai is going to be Emma, and very excited indeed that Jonny Lee Miller is going to be Mr Knightley.
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After [ profile] ankaret's recommendation I made a point of watching Victorian Farm last night. As soon as the narrator mentioned that they were in Shropshire I thought, 'I wonder if that's Acton Scott,' and lo, it was! So that was a pleasing moment of smugness for me.

I did like it a lot. My absolute favourite moment was when they explained that they were going to put the mangold-wurzels into a tump for the winter and, just as I was thinking, 'Never heard of a tump. Don't you have clamps of mangold-wurzels?', the narrator continued to explain that tumps are also called clamps. So now we all know what Rowan was doing while the others were off having fun at school in End of Term.

I could have done without the narrator constantly telling us that 'Ruth is doing the laundry using a Victorian technique'; 'Peter is ploughing the fields using a Victorian method'; 'Alex is tiling the roof using a...' pause for dramatic tension '...Victorian technique.' Yes, thank you. The programme is called Victorian farm. We are not stupid. We do not have to be told that Henry Stephen's 'The Book of the Farm' is the Victorian farming bible every sodding time it is mentioned.

But it was very nice to see them just rolling up their sleeves and getting on with it, whether it was Ruth spending four days out of every week doing the laundry, or cooking and serving a cow's tongue, and then spending an hour in a cold, dark room every night stitching a pair of braces for a Christmas present, or the boys raddling the ram or building the pigsty or feeding the animals while it was snowing. And that Christmas dinner did look delicious. I will be watching again.
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...that there were American Idol auditions in Philadelphia? I could have been a STAR!!!!

Here are my observations on tonight's programme:

  1. Do not name your daughter 'Temptress'. There is no circumstance in her life where this will be a positive thing.
  2. If someone tells you that your voice is like that of Paul Robeson, they are lying. No one sings like Paul Robeson and you shouldn't try.
  3. Belly dancing costumes won't get you through. Especially if you are male and overweight. Even when you get your chest hair waxed off.
  4. Being a Star Trek geek won't get you through, either. Even if you do wear Princess Leia hair. Throwing a tantrum about it afterwards just makes you look stupid.
  5. Even Simon is nice. Sometimes.
  6. If you are Obsessed With Paula Abdul, it is not a good idea to write a song about stalking her and sing it on national television. The security guards will be called. Though kudos for the Columbo reference - 'Peter Falk her' does indeed rhyme with 'stalk her'.

No one really stood out as a possible winner, but you never know who might improve and who we didn't get to hear.


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