Feb. 4th, 2009

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I love Linda Smith. From this week's repeated episode of A Brief History of Timewasting on BBC7:

(on Sir Cliff Richard): Every time you think you’ve got rid of him, he turns up for Christmas like a prune in Armagnac.


Linda: Cats! Why, oh why, do people keep them as pets?

Police officer: Well, same reason women marry convicted murderers. They’re attracted by the danger and the deluded notion that love will change their psychopathic nature.

Also, why, oh why, do people do that thing of having music set to play automatically on their blogs/websites? Do they assume that we all live our lives in silence? Or that, if we are living our lives in silence, we want that to be shattered by their inane choice of playlist? If I'm listening to Linda Smith, I don't need a sudden blast of Alanis Morisette over the top. There is nothing guaranteed to make me hit the back button quicker.
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1. Bill Dare is Peter Jones's son. I still miss Peter Jones on Just a Minute.

2. When you're putting an LJ username in via html, you don't need quotation marks around the name. (HT: [livejournal.com profile] wendelah1. Oh dear, force of habit is strong. I just typed them in for her name.)

3. Some stuff about author, reader, intentionality and Brevard Childs's canonical approach. Not as much as I should have done.

4. That it doesn't always snow in Scotland. We still haven't had anything worth mentioning up here.

5. Oh. That seems to be it.


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