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An hour and three minutes worth of delightful, interesting, inspiring, thoughtful conversation with the ever-lovely [personal profile] stmargarets, who admitted that she chose her username because she thought she'd use it so little she'd need something easy to remember!  LOL.

She's given me lots of hints about stories which will be appearing soon, and shared her Patented St Margarets Writing Charm for avoiding outlining and still making your story coherent.  We're in firm agreement that 'No Flangst Is Necessary' and that writing is for fun, not a business enterprise.

I feel so lucky to have made such a great friend.  Thanks, Mary.
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The ever talented and indescribably lovely [personal profile] stmargarets has written possibly the best fluffy story ever - for me!!!!

It features Charlie Weasley (who else?!?!) and an OC, Kathleen Pen, romance novelist.  Set during DH, it's charming and delightful and so, so perfect in so many ways.  I have just written possibly the lengthiest review ever (3 LJ comments' worth) telling her all the parts I most loved.

It's in two parts (though there is a previous story also featuring these two which you might like to read as well, but don't need to for this story).

Go and read it now and if you loved it even half as much as I do, don't forget to leave St M a review.

Skipping to the End part (i)
Skipping to the End part (ii)

*happy sighs*

I think I'd better just go and read it once more to check it's as good as I first thought...,
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At a cold ice rink, somewhere in the wilds of Nova Scotia, a group of 9 year old hockey stars are huddled around their coach. Up in the stands a shivering group of moms wearing thick coats are watching with a mixture of pride and boredom. A man wearing a long dark overcoat slips unobtrusively into the stands, making his way towards them. His eyes are searching out one in particular: a tall, slim, woman wearing a turtle-neck and jeans who has a notebook and pencil in hand. She seems to be writing…

'Mary? Mary Carroll?'

The woman turns in surprise. All the other moms, the boys out on the rink and the coach, a particularly handsome man who looks like he would be capable of flashing a wireless router and clearing out a hard drive without blinking an eyelid, are watching with big grins that suggest they are all in on the secret.

The man smiles broadly, producing a large red leather book and a microphone. His voice booms out, 'St Margarets, welcome to your 'Days of Destiny.'
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Sorry, sorry, sorry. But it's all your fault, St M. That meme put ideas into my head that couldn't be left alone. And at least now you have someone to bring to the party.

*runs away and hides*


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