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...obsess over which colours should represent their friends on their flist? I spend several minutes choosing each time I add a new friend, and have been known to go back and change colours that I didn't think were working (either in general or as a representation of the individual in question).

ETA: It seems no one else does this! You can check 'your' colours on my flist simply by looking at my friends page (make sure you don't have ?style=mine in the url). You can change your friends colours by clicking on Manage Friends. It'll give you an option to edit your friends list and change the colours used to represent them. Have fun!
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I'm a pretty friendly person.  If I know you at all, you're very welcome to befriend me.  I don't always befriend back (in the technical LJ sense) because I don't care to have hundreds of posts on my friends page and because I like to know people a little better before giving them access to my flocked posts.

But just now I discovered that I had been befriended by an LJ user I'd never, ever heard of. [ profile] 2chicken has one meme on their LJ and no other information.  Creepier still, their friends list consisted of just me and one other person, who also had no idea who they were (actually that's how I came across this person). 

So I've banned them from commenting and I won't be befriending back.  If you're someone who really wants to get to know me, here's what to do.  Get another LJ.  Use it.  Make comments on my posts.  Review my stories and I'll love you forever.  And then ask if you can befriend me.  I'm sure I'll say yes.

Edited to clarify:  That final paragraph was aimed at one person only: [ profile] 2chicken.  If you're someone who already befriended me, there is no need to apologise!  Every so often I check my profile and click on the names I don't recognise.  Usually, as soon as I get to your LJ I realise exactly where you know me from and there's no problem at all.  Or if you've commented on my posts that's good too.  Or if you've ever been to one of [ profile] moonette1's parties that certainly entitles you to befriend me. 
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It's always nice when someone asks to become your friend.  Welcome [profile] daksian!

But the usual way of expressing that 'to friend someone' is a horridly ungrammatical turn of phrase.  There is an already existing and delightful term that would perfectly fulfil the function: 'to befriend'.

So next time you find someone you'd like to be friends with, why not befriend them instead?


Jul. 11th, 2007 11:07 am
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So, prompted by [profile] rhetoretician's question about banners and also the fact that I've just treated myself to Photoshop Elements 5.0 since my old version wasn't compatible with the OS on my new laptop, I've made a new layout for my LJ.  I think I like it.  I really wanted to have a background image and I think that works pretty well.  The header I'm less certain about.  I'd really like a different font but I can't find a list anywhere of the ones you can choose and I preferred this to Arial

The images are from the photos of the mini quilt I made for the exchange I did recently.  I specially like the new icon I made.  I've been wanting a non-square icon for ages and this fits beautifully.

Sorry if you don't like pink!



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