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Well done to everyone who took part - it's been so much fun seeing all the different styles and ideas. I hope those of you for whom posting art was a new thing were encouraged to try it again. And that the 'old-hands' enjoyed doing something new.

Please make sure you leave them all a review - it's scary putting artwork out for the world to see, so they deserve lots of congratulations.

[personal profile] kinderjedi produced a lovely drawing of Penelope Clearwater.
[personal profile] amamama drew and coloured  a dragon (of uncertain breed) with dead bird (or possibly just a drama-king bird - you decide!)
[profile] nundu_art went outside the box and gave us a lovely pencil drawing of Aunt Muriel based on her own aunt!
[profile] rhetoretician drew, um, me.
[profile] gabrielladusult did a quick sketch of someone who might be her OC, Irene, but looks a little too Greek!
And I drew the [profile] firemuses here.

[profile] moonette1 is still promising me some watercolours to add to the Gallery.  It's not too late!

Did I miss anyone?  Let me know and I'll add you in.

It's time!

Nov. 1st, 2007 10:45 pm
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It's November 1st, so I'm calling all you talented artists out there for links to your contributions to the Gallery Challenge. No prizes and you don't even get Tony Hart's seal of approval (nice British cultural reference there to confuse the Americans!). But you will get lots of appreciative members of my flist who will give you lots of lovely reviews.

Leave the links in the comments and I'll compile them in a day or two.
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I was inspired by this picture that [profile] gabrielladusult found and, since I wanted to take on the challenge of drawing people (which is my least favourite thing), it seemed a good thing to try and capture the spirit of the [profile] firemuses.  These are NOT intended to be recognisable portraits - though I know which one I want to be!  Any resemblance to actual people is purely luck not skill!!  But I did want us to look like we were having fun together and being a support to each other.  And, of course, we're wearing our little black robes.

So here's my picture. Pencil sketch, coloured in photoshop. 

What do you think?
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Scared by the whole idea of an original drawing?  How about some colouring in?  You can do that!

Have a look at [profile] colourme_hp for lots of line art just waiting to be coloured in.  There's some very sweet pictures in among all the NC-17 stuff!

Either colour it digitally or print it out, use whatever traditional media you prefer and then scan the completed image back in.  Fun for all the family!!

Here's my attempt: 

And here are some of my favourite line arts for you to pick from:

Bill/Fleur: Walking and kissing.  Here's your chance to have a go at some scars.  LOL
Sirius and baby Harry
The founding four
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I hope you're all busily working on your entries for the Gallery Challenge.  *grins*  I know there's lots of talent out there and we'd all love to see it.

Stuck for inspiration?  Struggling to get pencil to paper?

Try an online tutorial:

How to Draw Anything You Want

How to Draw Portraits

How to use Photoshop

Browse the fabulous work here:


Art Dungeon

Now get drawing, painting, collaging, and clicking!

ETA: Extra bonus points to [profile] gabrielladusult  for being first up.  If you ever read her Irene/Sirius stories, you'll certainly want to check this out.  Thanks for playing, Gabby!
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Because [profile] hfleming8 was asking and I know one or two others would like to be able to make better icons etc. Try Snipshot or Picnik.

Both will let you upload pictures, resize, recolour, reshape, add text etc. They seem easy to use and much more flexible than, say, Paint, for this sort of thing.  I haven't tried them at length so I can't really compare.  I use Photoshop Elements, if anyone's interested.  I think it's great for what I like to do - make icons, manipulate images, occasionally produce actual art work.

Any of these, btw, would produce suitable entries for The Gallery challenge.  Hint, hint.
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Inspired by [profile] rhetoretician's post 'Anyone Can Learn To Draw' I hereby issue a [personal profile] stmargarets' style challenge.  You'll have to imagine the voice of the megalomaniac dictator.  Or Tony Hart.

The challenge is simply this: Post a drawing or painting in your journal, f-locked if you prefer, and link to it here.  They can be HP inspired if you like, or not if that's easier.  The aim is simply to encourage everyone to let their artistic side out and to take the plunge and show their work to other people.  Everyone on my flist is friendly so there's no need to be scared.

You can use any media you prefer - traditional or electronic.  Doodles on the back of an envelope are just as acceptable as enormous oil painted canvases. 

I shall be asking for links on November 1st, so you have lots of time to get those creative juices flowing.


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