Jan. 17th, 2009 03:50 pm
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A little while ago, I was unsuccessfully looking for some Thursday Next/HP crossover fic. Today I just stumbled across this in which Thursday is brought out of retirement to deal with one Severus Snape, who is threatening to become a Pagerunner. Lovely asides on the problems of fanfiction and memes for those within the BookWorld.

Sample line which had me coughing with laughter: "Mind you, there were some mistakes that even a spell checker wouldn't catch. I think my favourite line in all of fanfiction was: 'Harry smiled weekly at them.' Did he note the day in his diary, I wondered?"


Dec. 29th, 2007 10:48 am
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The utterly wonderful and ingeniously brilliant [personal profile] rose_and_lizard has written me a drabble!  About Charlie!  Being a dad!  Thus splendidly ignoring the recent revelations!  It's SO CUTE!  And it's here!
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I seem to be channelling Joyce Grenfell for my Secret Santa fic, which I'm not really sure my recipient will appreciate. But I think I need to write this one out and then write a proper gift fic. Anyway, I did a quick Google for 'George, Don't Do That' just to see if I had got the voice vaguely right. And, inevitably, I found this. It's hilarious.  If you're not familiar with Grenfell, just imagine a nursery school class, peopled with Weasleys and Malfoys aged 5 or 6.  Add a large dash of acerbic wit. And you're getting the idea.

The originals are available here, if you're interested.  I particularly recommend 'Going Home Time' and 'Free-Activity Period'.
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The ever talented and indescribably lovely [personal profile] stmargarets has written possibly the best fluffy story ever - for me!!!!

It features Charlie Weasley (who else?!?!) and an OC, Kathleen Pen, romance novelist.  Set during DH, it's charming and delightful and so, so perfect in so many ways.  I have just written possibly the lengthiest review ever (3 LJ comments' worth) telling her all the parts I most loved.

It's in two parts (though there is a previous story also featuring these two which you might like to read as well, but don't need to for this story).

Go and read it now and if you loved it even half as much as I do, don't forget to leave St M a review.

Skipping to the End part (i)
Skipping to the End part (ii)

*happy sighs*

I think I'd better just go and read it once more to check it's as good as I first thought...,
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So probably only one person on my flist might even vaguely be interested in an HP/Antonia Forest crossover.  And probably [info]rose_and_lizard's wonderful story only makes sense if you've read both lots of books.

But I have been squeeing over this for days, so I just had to link it even if only for my own convenience.

Draco Malfoy/Ann Marlow, post DH.  Intrigued [profile] dogstar101?  Or just revolted at the thought?

The Woman on The Platform
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This is pretty cute.  (Spoilery and angsty and very short).

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Okay, I know it's ridiculously early for such a sweeping statement, but honestly this is so good and original and well-written and moving and fluffy and also serious and informative and....

Oh, just read it!  Only three chapters, of which the second (imho) is the absolute stormer.

It's 'On the Headmaster's Wall' by Rhetor, at Phoenix Song.


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