Mar. 30th, 2009

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This morning I worked on the paper I was supposed to have sent my supervisor last week. It is nearly done and I plan to send it to him this evening or tomorrow morning. The morning's work was interrupted by staff meeting including birthday celebration (not mine) and cakes, followed by coffee time including PhD celebration (not mine) and cakes.

This afternoon at work, I wrapped presents for the staff Christmas lunch on Wednesday. I think they do normally have the staff Christmas lunch more seasonally, but this year one of the fellows had a serious motorbike accident just before it was due to happen, so they decided to wait until he was back at work. For the secret Santa, they save up all the random freebies that companies send or people give and then do a lucky dip. I am hoping for the Marilyn Monroe mug and hoping not to get the car valet kit.

More interestingly, I spent lots of the afternoon googling. This is becoming an important part of my job. *g* Last week I was tracing details of someone who left us a significant bequest 20-odd years ago so that we could apply for a copy of the will since there doesn't seem to be one in the files. Today I was looking for any living relatives of Blanche Athena Clough who might be interested in a project we are doing to convert Blanche's garden house into some permanent accommodation.

I found lots of interesting things about women's education )
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My teeny crush may be growing. He doesn't like football either.

Best joke of the night, though, came from Milton Jones, explaining that Prince Charles always approaches England via the English Channel and not the Bristol Channel, because he likes to pass the Duchy on the left hand side.


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