Feb. 13th, 2009

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The replacement indicator light arrived at 8.15 this morning. Since I only bid on it on Wednesday evening, I think this is pretty efficient on the part of both the seller and Royal Mail.

And... it was as easy to fit as everyone said! About as hard as changing a lightbulb. (I did not have to change the lightbulb in the indicator, though I now feel as though I probably could if I had to.) Here is the proof: )

In addition to this triumph, I also managed to take the car out for a drive today. Since this incident I have been wary of driving anywhere while there is still snow on our driveway. We had several inches on Wednesday night, which have not yet melted, but wonderfully, someone does seem to have gritted the drive, so that there is a clear path all the way down. Which meant that I could do a proper Tesco's shop and pick up a pile of books from college, rather than just get the pint of milk and post a birthday card that I had been anticipating. A good day all round.
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So, my question was indeed duly asked and answered on GQT today. Here's what they suggested:

Pippa Greenwood: Silver-leaved pear; any of the Malus trees; winter aconites.

Anne Swithinbank: Suggested a 'woodland feel': Magnolia tree; yew; honeysuckle; Lenten hellebores, snowdrops, narcissi, pulmonarias.

Matthew Biggs: Didn't quite get the 'low-maintenance' part of the question and suggested containers with things like rhododendrons and camellias. I don't think I'll be doing that.


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