Jan. 11th, 2009

girlyswot: (no good reason)
There were fourteen things on my to-do list today. Ten are now crossed off, including some that I have been putting off for weeks. One is partly done and needs more thinking before it can be finished so I have bracketed it out. One other may have to wait until tomorrow or may happen a bit later. The one that was just going to be fun timewasting when everything else was finished (!) hasn't been started.

How have I achieved so much, you may be asking. Simple. The one task which I am still working on is one that I really, really didn't want to do. So everything else, including various difficult letters and emails and other not-fun stuff, could be re-categorised as an avoidance task, immediately rendering it much more appealing. If I'm doing X (however much I might not want to do X), at least I'm not doing Y. And I'm virtuously not doing Y. Sadly, I have not yet found the perfect structured procrastination task (one which has the appearance of great importance yet no actual urgency) and so task Y still has to be done. But having achieved so much already, I now have the momentum of wanting to get everything done, which should carry me through.

So long as I stop wasting time on LJ, obviously.


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