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2 chair cushions recovered to match curtains.
2 pairs of curtains taken apart and remade into one pair of curtains that actually fits the windows properly.
Another pair of curtains hemmed.
Possible source of extra fabric for the now-bare window found on internet.
Headboard for bed covered.
White bedlinen dyed cream and king-size duvet cover cut down to fit single duvet.
3 chairs extracted from tractor shed and washed.

Still hoping to get done sometime this week:
Quilted throw for sofa (top is pieced; need to buy batting, backing and binding and do the quilting).
Rug for bedroom (this is unlikely to get finished this week, but I want to start making some more progress on it).
Possible mural for bedroom wall, though I'm wondering if I should wait until bookshelves have been put up.
Mock up of dress for my brother's wedding.
I'm also expecting round 3 of Sock Madness to start towards the end of the week.
Start planting up the garden (I bought a few things at the farmers' market on Saturday but I'm going with my mum to a local nursery and garden centre on Thursday to see what else we can find. There isn't yet any topsoil in most of the garden, though my brother has promised to bring some soon.)

The extra wide worktop that divides the kitchen from the living area has proved to be a most useful space for cutting and pinning fabric. It's higher than a normal table which means much less bending and stretching.

There are sheep with baby lambs in the field behind the garden at the moment. I wish I was going to be here in a few weeks time when the bluebells will be out in the woods.


Mar. 28th, 2009 04:00 pm
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Pictures of lovely things sent to me recently by kind people )

Socks I made last weekend for Sock Madness. The pattern is written so that you knit the leg and foot first in a tube and go back to do the heel afterwards. Halfway through the first I decided to do the heels in the contrast stripy yarn. Halfway through the second I realised I could do the toes in the contrast yarn too. Now I can't decide which one to go back and redo. Thoughts? More pics (with close ups of heels and toes) here.
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A few months ago I was experimenting with some fabric designs for printing via Spoonflower. One of them is in this week's Spoonflower contest. Please vote! If it wins, I'll get some free fabric and also my fabric will be on sale to others. Pretty cool, huh?

(Mine is the one called 'Wheels'.)
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There's been a flurry of sewing activity here since Christmas. Partly because I've been on holiday and partly because I now have a dedicated sewing table in my dedicated sewing room.

Pictures behind the cut )
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I got lots of real work done yesterday so I took today off, in honour of the new sewing machine.

First up: I finally got round to lining and finishing my felted bag. I LOVE this bag SO MUCH!!!

These I actually made a couple of nights ago as a test run. My old flatmate brought me this silk back from a recent trip to Thailand. I'd been needing some coasters so, voila!

Now, behind the cut are some minor spoilers for Pay It Forward. I'm not telling what these are nor who they're for but if you still don't want to look, that's okay too.

More pics... )

Noni bags

Jul. 29th, 2007 03:34 pm
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For ages I've been wanting to make a Noni bag. I adore their bobble bag and all the flower bags. Yesterday I finally went and bought this wool

in my current favourite colour combination and started knitting that fabulous spider chrysanthemum which will hopefully end up looking like this.

Happy day!


Jul. 11th, 2007 11:07 am
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So, prompted by [profile] rhetoretician's question about banners and also the fact that I've just treated myself to Photoshop Elements 5.0 since my old version wasn't compatible with the OS on my new laptop, I've made a new layout for my LJ.  I think I like it.  I really wanted to have a background image and I think that works pretty well.  The header I'm less certain about.  I'd really like a different font but I can't find a list anywhere of the ones you can choose and I preferred this to Arial

The images are from the photos of the mini quilt I made for the exchange I did recently.  I specially like the new icon I made.  I've been wanting a non-square icon for ages and this fits beautifully.

Sorry if you don't like pink!


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Nobody quite guessed the identity of the mystery object. It was, in fact, a nightcap.

Which leads me on to one of the most exciting things that happened while I was in England. I met the brother of this man. He has literally gone from A (in Norway) to B (in Nebraska), on a tandem picking up hitchhikers including Miss Universe, along the way. He's literally lost his marbles and taught an old dog new tricks. And now, he's literally invited someone in for a nightcap. I was happy to help and expect to become famous the world over as nightcap-knitter to the stars.

So join the revolution now! Let's stop people using the word 'literally' to mean 'figuratively' and start taking them at their word.
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In the last couple of weeks I've enjoyed making lots of things.

Here for the pics! ) Well done to all the many people who identified the mystery object as some kind of hat. But to win the prize and have the full mystery disclosed I need a bit more than that. Would it help if I asked where you think such a hat might be worn?

Is excited

Jun. 7th, 2007 12:29 am
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For a while now, I've noticed a number of very beautiful things on various craft blogs I occasionally frequent. These things go by the name of 'doll quilt', which really only describes their size, not their function. Anyway I was just deciding to have a go at one of these tomorrow when I stumbled across this Doll Quilt Swap and entered on impulse. In just a few weeks time I will be the happy owner of a beautiful small piece of needlework executed by someone else. Hooray! And I will have had fun making something lovely to send to brighten up someone else's day. Double hooray! Can't wait to get my instructions...


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