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And that means...

Crack!fic from [ profile] stmargarets: Love, Absurdly, Lucius/Narcissa, Bellatrix/Rodolphus, Charlie/Mary Sue, St Mags/Glenlivet all with guaranteed fluff!

Apparently it also means that I have to go on a blind date with Chris Dane Owens. This cannot end well... Please come and play! I need more people to protect me from [ profile] moonette1's schemes celebrate with.

In real life, I have celebrated by visiting two garden centres (actually, one was a proper nursery) with my mother and coming away with:
One rambling rose (Albertine)
One wisteria
Two clematis (one spring flowering, one summer/autumn flowering)
One honeysuckle
Two lavender (one white, one purple)
Three pots of snowdrops at half price
One aquilegia
One large pot of hellebores at half price
Two hostas
Some delphiniums, asters, and periwinkles.

I also bought a few things at the farmers market last week including a pretty rosemary, some thyme, feverfew and campanulas.

Tomorrow I shall be gardening.

And look! My pink and green dragon has the same birthday as me. :)
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[ profile] callmemadam wonders why Georgette Heyer novels have not made it to the silver screen here. In point of strict fact, I feel obliged to note that The Reluctant Widow was apparently filmed in 1950 but sank without trace (Has anyone seen it? Is it as awful as it is made out to be? The IMDB entry suggests it bore little resemblance to the book.) Still, the field appears to be wide open and since TV and film producers aren't getting round to it, I feel that it is time for my trusty flist to spring into action.

Which Heyers would you most like to see filmed? And what would be your ideal cast?
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I have just downloaded this free Harlequin eBook:

From the blurb: Cutter Smith — code name: Slash — was told to keep the beautiful blonde in his sights. But as his interest in her veered from the professional to the intensely personal, Cutter knew the cost of falling in love would be high indeed. And he would have to pay the price….

Oh, joy unbounded. Though from the looks of the cover, poor old Cutter Slash hasn't so much had a falling out with a knife as a terrible, lifethreatening Photoshop accident.

ETA: On page 13 we read this helpful piece of dialogue and exposition:
“Uncle Nick will explain all, Slash.”
Gillian had assumed Cutter’s code designation was a play on his first name. He hadn’t disabused her.

So, um, is this not going where I expect it to be going? What else could Slash stand for? Answers on a postcard, please.
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So far this morning, I've come across:

A joke I don't really understand and can't be bothered to read on Google
Absolute Write, now sponsored by Twilight. This is pretty funny for those who hang out there.
Both the Guardian and LJ are taking on Twitter (see previous post for LJ).

Any more for any more?
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I expect there are some on my flist who haven't seen the news about LJ's proposed redesign. You can leave your comments there or at [ profile] feedback.
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My teeny crush may be growing. He doesn't like football either.

Best joke of the night, though, came from Milton Jones, explaining that Prince Charles always approaches England via the English Channel and not the Bristol Channel, because he likes to pass the Duchy on the left hand side.
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Rarely has this icon felt so appropriate. I'm sure that the flying shadow appears in the video somewhere.

So, yes, I know most of you have already seen the epic awesomeness awfulness that is Shine. (If not, make sure that you have no liquids near your computer when you press play. Some brain bleach would be a useful thing to have handy, too.) If only there was just a hint of irony. But no.

Anyway, I think it's time we had some fun around here, so I am issuing the Shine Fic Challenge. You may choose any or all of the incomprehensible scenes or 'storylines' from the video as your inspiration. Bonus points for explanations of the disappearing moustache.
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It's as if the Sound of Music never happened!
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Your result for The Jane Austen heroine Test...

Elinor Dashwood

54% romance, 33% sauciness, 64% etiquette, 72% intelligence

You're always aware of social obligations and have more than your fair share of sense. You would never say something out of anger or in poor taste. This may lead some (like, perhaps, your saucy little sister) to accuse you of being cold. Nothing could be further from the truth! It's just that you don't believe in making a scene. Respectable gentlemen everywhere swoon for you (though you'd never admit it). But you only have eyes for one. He is lucky to have you.

Ideal matches: Edward Ferrars, Mr. Knightley, Captain Wentworth

Guaranteed heartbreak: John Willoughby, John Thorpe

Not worthy of your affections: Frank Churchill, Captain Benwick

Take The Jane Austen heroine Test
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