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So, my question was indeed duly asked and answered on GQT today. Here's what they suggested:

Pippa Greenwood: Silver-leaved pear; any of the Malus trees; winter aconites.

Anne Swithinbank: Suggested a 'woodland feel': Magnolia tree; yew; honeysuckle; Lenten hellebores, snowdrops, narcissi, pulmonarias.

Matthew Biggs: Didn't quite get the 'low-maintenance' part of the question and suggested containers with things like rhododendrons and camellias. I don't think I'll be doing that.
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The front indicator light on my car has been smashed. No idea how or when this happened - I noticed it this afternoon, but I hadn't taken the car out for several days. There are marks which make it look as though I scraped against something, but I can't think what. Huh. The bulb still works, so I am planning to tape the glass together and use it like that, at least for a while.

In better news, I just had an email from Gardeners Question Time to say that my question is going to be on this week's edition of the programme. You can listen to it on Friday (at 3pm) or on Sunday (at 2pm), or of course at any convenient time through Listen Again. I shall be taking notes!
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...about my Fabulous Hot Pink sofa which was ordered from Sofa Workshop earlier this month and not due to be delivered for another few weeks. At the moment, they say they are still hopeful that a buyer will be found and customer orders will be filled. I paid for it on my credit card, with exactly this scenario in mind, so I'm not worried about the money.

But I want my pink sofa!!!!
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Fabulous hot pink is not only a description of the sofa I have just bought, it is actually the name of the fabric I have chosen to have it covered in. I took some of my curtain fabric and also the quilt top I've made to go as a throw on the sofa. My friend and the shop assistant and I were flicking through the choices and all immediately said 'That's the one' as soon as we saw the pink. I had been thinking about a mid-blue, but I'm very, very excited about the pink. The fabric is 100% cotton, machine washable with a nice textured weave that I think will wear really well.

It's this sofa in the medium width. I like it because it has relatively narrow, non-sloping arms, so you get a lot of sitting space for the width of the sofa. It's really comfy and snuggly.

I did check out the clearance section, just in case. There was one utterly fabulous bright pink sofa with appliqued flowers, reduced from £2200 to £599. It would have fitted in the Old Shed, though I wouldn't have been able to get in the bathroom. The sofa was so lovely that I did begin to seriously contemplate this option. There was also a very nice little sofa in a duck egg blue for just £99 that I absolutely would have bought - except it had already been sold. :( Should have gone last week. Though the pink one will be nicer. ;)


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