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Well, I think that the 2008 Secret Santa gift exchange is now officially over, with the arrival of [ profile] stmargarets's gift at my flat this afternoon. She posted it on November 5th. Today is, um, February 2nd. So, not quite three months. I'm glad I don't have to rely on the Canadian postal service very often. Still, it's nearer last Christmas than next, which is something.

Anyway, onto the good stuff. She sent me... books, of course!

Three lovely books, all of which were explained in her letter:

The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris. This is one which [ profile] stmargarets had recommended to me before. It's a series of reflections on the author's time in a Benedictine monastery and looks really fascinating.

Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie. I've never read any Rushdie, though I feel I should have done. This looks like a great place to start.

The Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery because, as Mary says, she is THE Canadian author and also a Queen of Fluff. And, because she's so lovely, Mary has sent me her own copy of this, because she couldn't get hold of a new copy in time(!) Which makes it all the more special - I shall really treasure this one.

Thanks, Mary!
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Here's the final list of fics with their authors. Thanks again to everyone who participated for making this such fun. Don't forget to leave gushing comments now that the authors are public. Authors, feel free to post these stories on your own LJ's or anywhere else you please.

1. [ profile] kelleypen wrote Charlie-goodness for [ profile] girlyswot: Charlie/OFC
2. [ profile] amamama wrote Hedgerow Liquor for [ profile] gabrielladusult: Teddy/Victoire
3. [ profile] girlyswot wrote The Magic of Christmas for [ profile] stmargarets: OBHWF
4. [ profile] crumplehornedki wrote Percy and Penny for [ profile] kinderjedi: Percy/Penny
5. [ profile] gabrielladusult wrote That Marauders Era Fic for [ profile] kelleypen: James/Lily
6. [ profile] stmargarets wrote The Wolf At The Door Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 for [ profile] moonette1: Will Wood (who I have to keep remembering is in fact an OC!)/Catherine (OC!)
7. [ profile] peverell wrote T'is The Season for [ profile] amamama: Lily/James
8. [ profile] moonette1 wrote The Retreat for [ profile] peverell: Original fic (friends-locked)
9. [ profile] grandma_kate wrote Molly and Arthur and the Christmases Remembered for [ profile] crumplehornedki: OBHWF
10. [ profile] kinderjedi wrote Friday Night for [ profile] nundu_art: Neville/Hannah
11. [ profile] nundu_art wrote Fifty-Four Years Later for [ profile] grandma_kate: Harry/Ginny

I've scored all the entries to the Guess the Author competition. Well done, [ profile] stmargarets !! What would you like as a prize?

I thought this passage:
Charlie rolled up his sleeve. Just above the bulge of his bicep, Audrey could make out a small tattoo in the shape of a dragon. But a picture was just a picture. Audrey gasped, as the dragon gave a short burst of flame then turned and stomped off underneath Charlie’s armpit. He laughed and pulled his sleeve back down.
would be the giveaway for my story. I giggled a lot while I was writing that and had to delete several lines of digression on the scars, freckles and muscles...
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The last Secret Santa fic - of course, it's mine, since I got to read this ages ago when the 'mystery author' sent it to me.  Thank you, Secret Santa, for knowing just what I wanted this Christmas.  *happy grin*

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We're almost at the end of the Secret Santa stories.  I'll post my gift tomorrow and then launch the official 'Guess The Author'  competition.

This is for [profile] gabrielladusult.  Have a merry Christmas, Amy, and take a few moments to enjoy this story.

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Merry Christmas, [ profile] stmargarets. Take a break from the hockey and the writing, and enjoy this piece of Christmas fluff especially for you!

The Magic of Christmas )
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Dear [personal profile] kinderjedi 

You have been a reasonably good girl this year so I asked a friend of mind to write you a small story. In the efforts to help the environment my friend has recycled an earlier piece to meet your requests. I hope you enjoy this piece created with your request in mind.


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That Marauders Era Fic

A/N – This fic is dedicated to [ profile] kelleypen whose request was ‘Marauders Era.’ The fic is loosely based on an episode from the first season of That ‘70s Show -- hence the title. I was afraid to tip my hand, so didn’t ask many questions that needed asking on the All things 70s and All things British threads on the ‘quill – so that’s my excuse for any blatant errors : p Happy Holidays Kelley – and everyone else who needs this.

That Marauders Era Fic )
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Title: The Wolf At the Door
For: [ profile] moonette1
From: Your Secret Santa – you’ll never guess – not in a million years, no way, no how.
Summary: When the wolf is at your door, that’s when you know what’s truly important.
This is the story of William Wood (an OC of [ profile] stmargarets ) and Catherine Lawson (an OC of [ profile] moonette1 ’s) set during the events of Deathly Hallows.
Rating: PG – 13
Warnings: Look how long this is! Your eyes will fall out!
Word Count: For which Part?
Part I – 4, 000 words
Part II – 5, 000+words
Part III – 5,000+ words

A/N: Catherine is introduced as Remus Lupin’s love interest in the story, Lonesome Love by moonette.
Will and Catherine are first brought together in this story:
Will and Catherine’s story continues in moonette’s wonderful story about Oliver Wood, called Air.

moonette asked:
I would love to read a story about William Wood that is on the serious side. I don't need injuries and scars. (It's really not a true obsession) But I would like something that is more drama than fluff and shows Will in some sort of situation that touches him emotionally, but one of the serious emotions, not one of the fluffy ones. A little display of a fiery Scots temper at some point would be nice, too. The story doesn't have to be totally about romance, but I would like at least a bit of his interaction to be with his romantic partner - your choice of whom he is shipped with.

Could you please make William Wood a real person?

Secret Santa says:
There is a more than a bit of interaction with his romantic partner, but I tried to make up for it with some action and drama. I hope you like it.

William Wood is real to me after 15,000 words. Hope it doesn’t take too much time for you to read it.


P.S. Santa knows about your true obsessions! No fibbing at Christmas.

Editor's note This story will be posted in three parts, today, tomorrow and Sunday. *grins wickedly*

The Wolf at the Door )


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