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Everyone in the UK except [ profile] frankie_ecap pronounces it 'neeshe'. Those in the Commonwealth also tend to use this pronunciation.

US respondents were much more divided, with a preference for 'nitch' but with quite a lot of discussion in comments about using both pronunciations or not really being sure how to pronounce the word.

So, I will assume that the Radio 4 continuity announcer who prompted this poll was simply having a bad moment when he came out with 'nish'.
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My paid time runs out tomorrow and I can't afford to pay for any more at the moment. This is mainly okay except for the icons! *pets icons* I love my icons and now I will have to choose between them. Clearly this is not as difficult as choosing between one's children but it is almost as hard as choosing between one's favourite Heyers. I can't do it. :(

So you must help me! I have 35 icons and I will only be able to keep 15 of them. I need a poll!

The icons and the poll )
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I have just come across [Poll #1354690][Poll #1354690] (I have edited the wiki, so you can't cheat to see what they said!)
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The glass (is it actual glass?  Dunno) on the front right indicator light of my car is broken.  I have no money.  I need your help.[Poll #1346816][Poll #1346816]
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Recently I seem to keep coming across examples (spoken and written) of constructions where I would expect an infinitive form of the verb (or possibly a present participle) but instead a past participle is used. I can't decide if this is regional usage or changing contemporary usage. So let's have a poll!
Grammar poll! )
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According to Wikipedia, the version of the Hokey C/Pokey sung/danced in the US misses out the fun bit.  So I think we need another poll![Poll #1329861]

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[Poll #1145373]

It's neck and neck! Though [ profile] white_hart has been no help at all, voting for both 'Yes, think of the icons' and 'No, you're a poor student'. I'm the one with the dilemma - you're supposed to solve it. *g* This has also made the voting and the percentages appear skewed wrongly.


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