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So, I was feeling a little miserable getting up in the flat on my own this morning with no plans for the day (actually, I've since decided to go and see The Golden Compass later, which I'm really looking forward to). I just hefted a large laundry basket downstairs and was contemplating tidying and cleaning up after my guest. On a whim I checked outside to see if the mail had come. I had a Christmas card from a friend in England and...

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For [personal profile] ladywhizbee and [profile] crumplehornedki, so they don't have to go searching through back pages of their flist.  Here's the post with my pictures of everyone's gifts that you should now be able to see.  [personal profile] tdu000 will have to wait a little longer.

It's now open to everyone, since TDU's parcel has arrived.  There are much better pictures of Lady Whizbee's gifts on her LJ.
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I sent one parcel last week to CHK, and I have packages ready to go tomorrow for Lady Whizbee and TDU.
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I've finished half of TDU's Pay it Forward gift tonight and, I have to say, I'm jolly pleased with the result. In fact, I'm almost tempted to keep it myself. Only then I'd have to make something else, and I really don't need another one of these. Hee hee.

I finally made the last part of Lady Whizbee's gift yesterday, though it'll be a week before it's ready to send.

And CHK's present should be in the post tomorrow.

Only Amamama's to go, but I think I have a few baby and Christmas things to make before I get to that.
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I got lots of real work done yesterday so I took today off, in honour of the new sewing machine.

First up: I finally got round to lining and finishing my felted bag. I LOVE this bag SO MUCH!!!

These I actually made a couple of nights ago as a test run. My old flatmate brought me this silk back from a recent trip to Thailand. I'd been needing some coasters so, voila!

Now, behind the cut are some minor spoilers for Pay It Forward. I'm not telling what these are nor who they're for but if you still don't want to look, that's okay too.

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I didn't take photos of the book, and I know [ profile] stmargarets will want to share those with you, but for those who are interested, this is the cover art I made for her.
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I just finished work on my project for [personal profile] stmargarets.  It'll be a few days more before it's ready to send but I'm VERY excited.  I hope she likes it as much as I do!

I've also begun one of the things I plan to send [personal profile] ladywhizbee.  I have three related things I want to make for her.

But tomorrow must be spent packing since I move on Saturday.  I'm temporarily staying with some friends and won't have access to/space for most of my craft things.  Hopefully it should only be for a week or two.  The place I'm moving to properly will have lots and lots of space.  There's a sitting room (with kitchenette), two bedrooms, bathroom and another cute room under the eaves with only just enough headroom to stand up in the middle.  I think this may become a craft room since it'll be very easy to leave stuff out in.  I can't wait!


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