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[ profile] callmemadam wonders why Georgette Heyer novels have not made it to the silver screen here. In point of strict fact, I feel obliged to note that The Reluctant Widow was apparently filmed in 1950 but sank without trace (Has anyone seen it? Is it as awful as it is made out to be? The IMDB entry suggests it bore little resemblance to the book.) Still, the field appears to be wide open and since TV and film producers aren't getting round to it, I feel that it is time for my trusty flist to spring into action.

Which Heyers would you most like to see filmed? And what would be your ideal cast?
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At the moment, my dissertation work is stored on the hard drive of the laptop and at Mozy. Completed sections are also held by my supervisor (and will be sent to the second supervisor as well). Notes and bibliographical information are at present only on my computer and at Mozy. I like Mozy a lot. It's free and automatic and has worked excellently when I've needed to retrieve things. If you don't currently do any backing up, I would definitely recommend it. But I'm not sure I want to put all my eggs into its basket, especially as the dissertation progresses.

Also, my laptop only has 50GB of space on the hard drive. Which is basically okay. I don't store lots of images, music or other large files on it. But it would be nice to clean it up a bit and move some of the things I really don't need easy access to out of the way.

So, I'm looking for a cheap, reliable, not necessarily vast in terms of space, external hard drive. And also for some good, reliable, cheap software which will do the automatic backing up of files.


ETA: Have now found this:

which looks like it might do the job (and is very pretty).


Jul. 4th, 2007 07:16 pm
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I'm entering a competition and there's one question I find myself completely stumped on. Does anyone have any idea what book this might be referring to? I can't even work out a way of googling it!

You are researching the occult in the British Library. You accept a file of papers passed to you by a fellow student who says he thinks it should be yours. Inside the file is a slip of paper with strange characters on it. What should you do next?

Thank you!


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