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It is a very bizarre thing to be listening to the radio and suddenly find that Harry Potter is being interviewed and that he has now left Hogwarts and is a student at Loughborough. Next you know, he'll be turning up in Ambridge.
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I came across this community yesterday and laughed so much at the prompts I just had to claim one. So that's how I come to have written Charlie and Draco genfic. It's 5000 words or so, and wholly DH-compliant. There's even a nod to the epilogue.

Mine was: Draco would love to learn more about dragons, please. Charlie and Draco didn't end up shagging each other.

That's not a bad summary of the story, although Draco's perhaps not as eager to learn about dragons as that implies.

If you're interested, [ profile] unusuallygen still has some fun prompts to claim for HP or original fic (and some other fandoms too). You don't even have to be a member of the community. I'm quite tempted by "An evening of clever and witty conversation with Snape at a social event doesn't lead Hermione to question her marriage with Ron. Snape gets invited by the couple for dinners, becomes a 'friend of the family', and even learns to enjoy playing chess with Ron" or perhaps "A nerdy girl receives/gets a makeover. Said makeover does *not* win her the attraction of her object of affection, and she realizes she is better off being herself." Padma Patil, perhaps?


The Grand Tour )
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Happy Birthday [ profile] tdu000!!! It's been so much fun partying with you over the last year. I thought long and hard about what to get you, and then I remembered this:

What I'm looking for is an extremely intelligent man who is interesting and entertaining to talk to. I also want him to be witty and find humour in the most bizarre and mundane situations. So, I'm booking the Tardis and going back to 1885 to find Albus Dumbledore in his mid forties.

Your wish is my command...

(With thanks to [ profile] stmargarets and [ profile] moonette1 who made helpful suggestions for introducing more fluff and flangst into the story.)

TDU’s Big Mistake )
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[ profile] rhetoretician, who I used to consider a friend (*grins*) gave me a prompt for a 100 word HP drabble.

Gotterdammerung )
I'm not sure that this really counts. Can you have Götterdämmerung-themed fluff?

Ten themes

Oct. 13th, 2007 12:28 am
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I've been writing some Charlie/Hermione over the last few days, partly for fun and partly as an exercise in trying to say much in few words.  I've taken the prompts from [profile] 10_themes and used them, in order, adhering strictly to a 100 word limit for each, to form the beginning of a story.  I'm also following a strict POV pattern, as a way of showing their developing relationship.  I wonder if that's working at all!

Anyway, if you're looking for a little escapist fun, the links are here.

Part One: In which the invalids are taken to The Burrow
Part Two: In which Charlie and Hermione spend time together, more or less reluctantly.
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Here's my contribution to [ profile] stmargarets's challenge.

Um... crack pairing? Huge age difference. Nothing untoward.


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This is for [profile] rhetoretician who correctly predicted that Neville's wand wouldn't turn out to be a Horcrux.  He requested Kingsley's first day in office.  I would never have chosen to write about this subject but I'm actually quite glad to have done so.  Spoilers, obviously.

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*waves at everyone*

I'm really not a proper HP fan.  I like the books and I'm looking forward to my copy arriving from England later this week.  But you know, I was always really just here for the writing and the giggles.  

So this is to say that I know I've been quiet round people's LJ's lately and I probably will be until all the general squeeing and debating and dissecting dies down (good alliteration skills there).  I've been reading a bit and commenting very occasionally, but I really don't feel like I'm part of the 'fandom' (and I'm not sure I want to be).  

I have been, by choice, completely and utterly 'spoiled' - I even read some of the infamous carpet book a week ago until I decided it was way too much like hard work! - so no need to worry on that front.

Oh, and just to say thanks to TDU for the important info on Charlie's arms.  She also observed that the only other arms that have significance in the books are those marked with the Dark Mark.  I think we can all see how the muscular arms of the best-looking Weasley are an important literary counterpoint and that it was necessary for them to appear again in DH.  *nods in satisfaction*

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This is pretty cute.  (Spoilery and angsty and very short).

That bet

Jul. 21st, 2007 11:23 am
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Cheerful in defeat, I willingly offer up a thousand words to a prompt of your choice, [ profile] rhetoretician.


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