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Scared by the whole idea of an original drawing?  How about some colouring in?  You can do that!

Have a look at [profile] colourme_hp for lots of line art just waiting to be coloured in.  There's some very sweet pictures in among all the NC-17 stuff!

Either colour it digitally or print it out, use whatever traditional media you prefer and then scan the completed image back in.  Fun for all the family!!

Here's my attempt: 

And here are some of my favourite line arts for you to pick from:

Bill/Fleur: Walking and kissing.  Here's your chance to have a go at some scars.  LOL
Sirius and baby Harry
The founding four
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Inspired by [profile] rhetoretician's post 'Anyone Can Learn To Draw' I hereby issue a [personal profile] stmargarets' style challenge.  You'll have to imagine the voice of the megalomaniac dictator.  Or Tony Hart.

The challenge is simply this: Post a drawing or painting in your journal, f-locked if you prefer, and link to it here.  They can be HP inspired if you like, or not if that's easier.  The aim is simply to encourage everyone to let their artistic side out and to take the plunge and show their work to other people.  Everyone on my flist is friendly so there's no need to be scared.

You can use any media you prefer - traditional or electronic.  Doodles on the back of an envelope are just as acceptable as enormous oil painted canvases. 

I shall be asking for links on November 1st, so you have lots of time to get those creative juices flowing.
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Fic: Meeting the Weasleys
Thanks to everyone who read this the first time round and made helpful comments. I've revised the whole thing slightly - particularly my Percy chapter.

Prologue: A Strong and Independent Woman
Chapter One: Surprised by Ron
Chapter Two: Impressed by Percy
Chapter Three: Intrigued by Bill
Chapter Four: Overwhelmed by Fred and George
Chapter Five: Held by Charlie

Art: A Year of Living Dangerously
This won't make any sense unless you've read the opening chapter of [personal profile] stmargarets  wonderful story 'A Year of Living Dangerously' featuring the original thinking woman's crumpet, Charlie Weasley, and her lovely OC, Kathleen Pen. I'm certain these aren't the pictures that were in St M's mind as she wrote, and (given my artistic limitations) they're not quite the pictures that were in my head as I read, but they're as close an approximation as I can get. A story like that, full of action and drama, was just begging for illustration in my view. And I had a lot of fun with biceps, freckles and red hair. And made myself face up to some of my demons - faces, hands and hair. If you click on the images, you get a proper sized picture.



Icons to celebrate all the crumpetness that is (Charlie) Weasley. Feel free to take any that tickle your fancy.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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So [ profile] sibtrelawney was complaining that there's not enough Charlie fanart, and obviously I agree. Now, you may not actually be able to spot Charlie in this. That's because I'm bad at drawing people so he's very tiny and with his back to us. But if you click on the thing, you can see the slightly larger version. Prizes for anyone who correctly identifies the species of dragon!

It's possible this may turn into another Project Crumpet contribution, but I have something else up my sleeve for that too.


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