Apr. 1st, 2009 07:10 pm
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My contribution to National Charlie Weasley Month has gone up here. It's horribly angsty and I hated writing it - it even gave me nightmares at one stage. But it's done and that's a good thing.
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I came across this community yesterday and laughed so much at the prompts I just had to claim one. So that's how I come to have written Charlie and Draco genfic. It's 5000 words or so, and wholly DH-compliant. There's even a nod to the epilogue.

Mine was: Draco would love to learn more about dragons, please. Charlie and Draco didn't end up shagging each other.

That's not a bad summary of the story, although Draco's perhaps not as eager to learn about dragons as that implies.

If you're interested, [ profile] unusuallygen still has some fun prompts to claim for HP or original fic (and some other fandoms too). You don't even have to be a member of the community. I'm quite tempted by "An evening of clever and witty conversation with Snape at a social event doesn't lead Hermione to question her marriage with Ron. Snape gets invited by the couple for dinners, becomes a 'friend of the family', and even learns to enjoy playing chess with Ron" or perhaps "A nerdy girl receives/gets a makeover. Said makeover does *not* win her the attraction of her object of affection, and she realizes she is better off being herself." Padma Patil, perhaps?


The Grand Tour )
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This from the latest chapter of Kate's story at Phoenix Song:

Suddenly, Molly was excited about getting ready for Christmas. 'Oh Charlie,' she said as she made scrambled eggs and sausages. 'Did you know that Ginny is going to the Yule Ball?'

'She told me that the boy she wished she was going with hadn't asked her but that she was happy to be going at all. I wonder why Harry didn't ask her?'

'I don't think he realizes that she is a girl yet,' said Molly with a smile. 'You were equally clueless about that nice little Rosemary when you were Harry's age. You called her Ros from Oz, just like she was one of the boys.'

'Humph!' said Charlie tucking into his breakfast.

Hee! As I said in my review, clueless!Charlie is still cute!Charlie, and some of us don't mind being treated like one of the boys. Most of the time.


Dec. 29th, 2007 10:48 am
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The utterly wonderful and ingeniously brilliant [personal profile] rose_and_lizard has written me a drabble!  About Charlie!  Being a dad!  Thus splendidly ignoring the recent revelations!  It's SO CUTE!  And it's here!
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Dear Charlie,

I haven't time to write properly, but I needed to let you know that you should ignore ANY and ALL rumours that you may or may not have heard or may or may not hear in the next few days. There has been no flirting (well, not with anyone this side of the veil), no chatting up of Dark Lords (they both completely ignored me) and no snogging (though I did fall asleep on Sirius's shoulder last night).

Whatever TDU says, you can ignore - she was drunk, of course. Moonette wasn't even there, so I don't know how she'd know. And I don't think Alkari's likely to write to you, but anyway, there wasn't anything going on. Honestly.

Now, what's all this about you and some romance novelist? Anything I should be worried about?

Happy Halloween!


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The ever talented and indescribably lovely [personal profile] stmargarets has written possibly the best fluffy story ever - for me!!!!

It features Charlie Weasley (who else?!?!) and an OC, Kathleen Pen, romance novelist.  Set during DH, it's charming and delightful and so, so perfect in so many ways.  I have just written possibly the lengthiest review ever (3 LJ comments' worth) telling her all the parts I most loved.

It's in two parts (though there is a previous story also featuring these two which you might like to read as well, but don't need to for this story).

Go and read it now and if you loved it even half as much as I do, don't forget to leave St M a review.

Skipping to the End part (i)
Skipping to the End part (ii)

*happy sighs*

I think I'd better just go and read it once more to check it's as good as I first thought...,


Jul. 14th, 2007 12:00 pm
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So, in my trawl through the old fluff thread (which actually is proving both educational and entertaining and providing lots of helpful ideas and inspiration for What I Might Write Next), I came across a very old Mary Sue which I think [profile] gabrielladusultmade reference to when we had the Mary Sue challenge.

I link here because it literally made me laugh out loud.  Especially the genes line.  Genius!

Oh, and isn't it interesting that Charlie's always been the character of choice for Mary Sue's?  Must be those arms.



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Which will probably be of no interest to anyone.  I wrote this to cheer myself up today.  It's Charlie/ [personal profile] girlyswot, discussing marriage plans.  Does it even count as a Mary Sue when there is literally no attempt at disguise, I wonder?

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In a fit of madness, I seem to have attempted to combine all of [personal profile] stmargarets challenges into one final chapter of The Muggle Girl. So here is my Weasley Crumpet meets Mary Sue in a Screenplay!  The screenplay was HARD!!

This won't make any sense unless you've read the earlier parts (and even if you have, I'm not promising anything!)

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Feeble attempts at flangst follow... 


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