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And that means...

Crack!fic from [ profile] stmargarets: Love, Absurdly, Lucius/Narcissa, Bellatrix/Rodolphus, Charlie/Mary Sue, St Mags/Glenlivet all with guaranteed fluff!

Apparently it also means that I have to go on a blind date with Chris Dane Owens. This cannot end well... Please come and play! I need more people to protect me from [ profile] moonette1's schemes celebrate with.

In real life, I have celebrated by visiting two garden centres (actually, one was a proper nursery) with my mother and coming away with:
One rambling rose (Albertine)
One wisteria
Two clematis (one spring flowering, one summer/autumn flowering)
One honeysuckle
Two lavender (one white, one purple)
Three pots of snowdrops at half price
One aquilegia
One large pot of hellebores at half price
Two hostas
Some delphiniums, asters, and periwinkles.

I also bought a few things at the farmers market last week including a pretty rosemary, some thyme, feverfew and campanulas.

Tomorrow I shall be gardening.

And look! My pink and green dragon has the same birthday as me. :)
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Since I did the meme last night, I've been thinking about this a bit more and now I have just done my first ever proper cull of my flist. I have a tiny flist anyway but still I found that there were people and communities on it that I just don't hang out with any more. So if you got dropped, that's why. You are still very welcome to keep reading and commenting on my public posts if you like.

Also, I feel that I should point out (because I don't think I've mentioned it before) that I not only friends lock some of my posts but that quite a lot of these are filtered in various ways. I tend not to filter by subject but mainly according to my mood at the time of posting. Sometimes I prefer to be talking about things with only a few people, rather than with everyone. Generally this is not because the content itself is sooper sekrit. Anyway, if you find that I'm assuming you all know about something that you've never heard before, this is probably why and it's okay to ask.
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On Thursday I left Cambridge just before 6am and arrived in Scotland at 1pm. On Friday I did the journey in reverse, ending up at the Old Shed at about 10pm last night. There were trains, buses, planes, taxis, trams, cars and feet involved. No boats, which is something to be thankful for, I suppose.

My internet has not been connected at the Shed (major grrrrrrr) and this morning I spent 2 hours on the phone to BT uncovering the depths of incompetence which had led to this. Apparently the person I spoke to when I was arranging the phone and broadband to be transferred laid the address out slightly differently for the two accounts, which made them think that there was no phone line at the address where the broadband was supposed to be activated. And no one thought it would be worth contacting me to tell me that there was a problem. So now they can't connect it for another 10 days. Which, if I were actually living here, I would be exceptionally cross about.

At the end of all that, I had a killer headache and was sick. Those are the times when it's nice to have your mum living next door. So I've been sleeping most of the afternoon and now I'm at Mum and Dad's house, using their internet and feeling a bit better.

I was supposed to have gone back to Cambridge today but couldn't face the journey. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to doing it tomorrow now. I'm contemplating taking the car and smuggling it into Cambridge somewhere. I can't get a parking permit so I'll need to be a bit sneaky, but right now it seems a lot more appealing than lugging bags onto yet more trains and buses, especially on a Sunday when there's bound to be engineering works somewhere along the way.
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Posting from the airport!

I left Cambridge at a ridiculously early hour this morning and am now at Birmingham International Airport waiting for my flight up to Inverness. I have never previously used this airport and thus was slightly taken aback by the appearance of the Air-Rail Link which is essentially a slow rollercoaster. Not good for those of us scared of heights!

In other news my paper was accepted for the conference! I am amazed and excited and planning a layover in Philadelphia on the way. Hooray!

ETA: I have just seen the list of the other people who will be presenting in the same section as me and I am now absolutely terrified. One of them is the person whose methodology I have used and adapted and thus I refer to him all through the paper. I don't even know how to pronounce his name. They are all Hebrew experts. I am not. I think this may have been a bad idea...
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I think it's a result of having been at boarding school that I always find the arrival of the postman to be one of the highlights of any day. So much anticipation, even if it's usually wholly unwarranted. I always open post straight away, even if I can see that it's just bills or circulars. And real letters make me so happy. But the best kind of post, of course, is a parcel.

Today I had a parcel from my old flatmate in the US. It's a very early birthday present which she has been excited about sending me since Christmas and clearly couldn't wait any longer. The part which I was expecting was a pile of fabric from the cutest shop that only opened last summer in Philadelphia (to my disappointment, though the great relief of my bank balance). She got me three half-yards of fabrics in bright pinks and oranges that I absolutely love. Pictures to come later, I promise.

She also sent a sweet little notebook with a green and pink cover (she does know me quite well). But my top favourite thing is a box of drawing pins with beautiful coloured heads: fuchsia pink, lime green, yellow, orange, blue. They are everything I like best - useful, beautiful, fun, well-designed.

I am a very happy girl today.
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The replacement indicator light arrived at 8.15 this morning. Since I only bid on it on Wednesday evening, I think this is pretty efficient on the part of both the seller and Royal Mail.

And... it was as easy to fit as everyone said! About as hard as changing a lightbulb. (I did not have to change the lightbulb in the indicator, though I now feel as though I probably could if I had to.) Here is the proof: )

In addition to this triumph, I also managed to take the car out for a drive today. Since this incident I have been wary of driving anywhere while there is still snow on our driveway. We had several inches on Wednesday night, which have not yet melted, but wonderfully, someone does seem to have gritted the drive, so that there is a clear path all the way down. Which meant that I could do a proper Tesco's shop and pick up a pile of books from college, rather than just get the pint of milk and post a birthday card that I had been anticipating. A good day all round.
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Well, I took the advice of the flist who unanimously decided that I should attempt to mend the indicator rather than get it replaced. I decided that I would walk into town this morning and buy some decent transparent waterproof tape. So before I set out, I checked the thing to make sure it was in repairable condition.

Um, that may have been a mistake.

Anyway, it turns out that not only was the glass bit broken, but so was the mirrored panel behind. So when I poked it, everything suddenly disappeared down a black hole leaving just the bulb itself hanging precariously from a wire.

I went to buy the tape anyway, on the basis that it would still be better to have the thing vaguely watertight. I'm a bit nervous about what damage this might do to the paintwork, but there was really nothing else to stick the tape to, so that's what I've done.

I've also been looking for replacements. I can get the whole unit for £15 on eBay. Does that sound like a vaguely sensible thing to do or should I go to a place? Bear in mind that I'd say there's almost no chance that I will be competent to put it in myself (given my inability to so much as change my own windscreen wipers), so I'd have to pay someone to do that anyway.

I wish cars just worked.

Also, because I realise that some people are confused, this is what my car looks like (only dirtier):

The indicator light which is broken is the little bit underneath the headlights where the black strip is, so it is completely self-contained. Adopt one today!
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In the last few days there have been a couple of posts at [ profile] hp_britglish to which I have deliberately not responded. Not because I couldn't offer help and not because I have anything against (or even know anything about) the questioner. Mainly because the OP seemed to be responding to every single comment with a line of thanks that ended in *hugs*.

I am not a very tactile person in RL. There are a small handful of people whom I would always hug in greeting and some others who I would hug in case of need. Mainly, however, I prefer to greet people that I know with a kiss on the cheek or just a smile. People I don't know get a handshake. Sometimes, obviously, I don't get to set the agenda and usually this is okay, though occasionally it makes me uncomfortable.

But the idea of random hugs from strangers who might have stopped me for directions, say, makes me shudder. And the idea of *smooches* from anyone makes my skin crawl. Even virtual ones.

A while ago I came across an LJ user (maybe a friend of a friend; can't remember now) who had a statement on her profile explaining that hugs (real or virtual) made her feel uncomfortable and that she would rather not be offered them, especially not as a gesture of comfort. I was very struck by this and left her a comment to say so. I'm not sure I feel quite so strongly as she obviously did but it is an area where I feel uncomfortable.

So, I don't know what I'm saying, really. I'd rather that if you don't really know me, you don't offer me hugs. If you're someone that I know well and hugging is your normal way of showing affection and support, then feel free to continue in that vein. If you're somewhere in between then... I don't know. Do whatever seems right. I won't be offended.

I think maybe my point is that, just as in RL you think about how you relate to different people and what are appropriate gestures at different levels of intimacy, so we should think about those things in online relationships too.
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The front indicator light on my car has been smashed. No idea how or when this happened - I noticed it this afternoon, but I hadn't taken the car out for several days. There are marks which make it look as though I scraped against something, but I can't think what. Huh. The bulb still works, so I am planning to tape the glass together and use it like that, at least for a while.

In better news, I just had an email from Gardeners Question Time to say that my question is going to be on this week's edition of the programme. You can listen to it on Friday (at 3pm) or on Sunday (at 2pm), or of course at any convenient time through Listen Again. I shall be taking notes!
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1. Bill Dare is Peter Jones's son. I still miss Peter Jones on Just a Minute.

2. When you're putting an LJ username in via html, you don't need quotation marks around the name. (HT: [ profile] wendelah1. Oh dear, force of habit is strong. I just typed them in for her name.)

3. Some stuff about author, reader, intentionality and Brevard Childs's canonical approach. Not as much as I should have done.

4. That it doesn't always snow in Scotland. We still haven't had anything worth mentioning up here.

5. Oh. That seems to be it.


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